Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's Prime Day so I'm going to Walmart

It's coincidence really. And not the only one. I had two things on my Amazon list that had significant Prime Day savings so I ordered them and the total came to $46. I have an Amazon credit card that gives me varying degrees of significant cash back on Amazon purchases. Today was the statement date and this month I got ... $46 dollars back!!

That may be it for Prime Day spending.

The Walmart trip is the continued hunt for the elusive frozen cut breaded okra. Rumor has it that I can find it there. Plus I have a couple of other things on my Walmart list. So that's today's adventure. Not for a couple of hours, though. I want everyone to get to work first.

The kittens did not go to sleep with me last night and were not there when I woke up - no clue what happened while I was asleep. They are wild and crazy this morning. My dirty clothes live in one of those mesh pop up deals which, it turns out, are actually KITTEN PLAYGROUNDS! First they knock it over, then one gets inside and shadow boxes the one outside. The dirty clothes are part of the landscape.

My Twitter feed is evenly divided this morning - immigration and trump hating has moved over for these two camps: Don't Miss These Deals on Amazon and the equally vehement Amazon is more evil than Trump. I really need to get in there with a heavy Unfollow hand.

But, first, I need to get dressed.


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