Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Pee patrol

Whenever I get up to go pee, I am followed by two little black kittens. I'm thinking they are collecting data and sending it somewhere - maybe to Alexa?

They do love the bathroom. Magical things happen there. Like when I hang up my suit to dry...


I got wind of breaded cut okra available at QFC on Broadway, so I went to look. On the way out of the neighborhood, I saw a Smart car being towed (you'd think they could just push it rather than use a whole tow truck).


They empty out all street parking for soccer and football games. A whole lotta sad people think "you WILL be towed" does not apply to them. Usually a very sad ending to any game. But, even I take it personally when it's Smart car 'family'.

Cut okra at QFC, not breaded. Sigh.

BUT... the sun was out and it was really hot and the air conditioning was, once again, failing. Almost not even cool-ish. As I'm sitting in traffic, contemplating the heat, I got a wild hair to hit the button for recirculating.


And... instantly... I was BLASTED by FRIGID air!!!! Makes no sense but I don't care. I fixed the air conditioning!! Yeah!

I'm sorry about the okra but thrilled at the trip result.

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