Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

100 years

I was born in 1949. 100 years before I was born the Civil War had not even started yet. 100 years seems like ancient history to me but it sure is not. These not very imaginative thoughts are brought to you by my grandmother's quilt.

My grandmother made quilts not for a love of sewing or making but because that's what one did and it was a social endeavor - the quilting bee. She made tufted quilts (quick and dirty blankets for warmth) and fancy quilts that were sewn and quilted with fine stitches by hand.

My grandmother and I were not fond of each other. I thought she was mean and bigoted and a PIA. She probably thought I was the same except not bigoted.

I ended up with one of her fancy quilts and have never treasured it mainly because of how I felt about her plus it's red and yellow with green trim. Really bad colors in an uninspiring pattern.

But, in my search for bedding this summer that will give me some cover but not much and keep the kittens from nibbling on my toes and nose, I pulled out that quilt this morning. It's softer than I remember and the back side is not as obnoxious as the front. So we'll b trying it tonight.

She pretty much made all her quilts when she was a young girl and when her children were young. That means the quilt I'll sleep under tonight is probably very close to 100 years old. That kind of amazes me.

I went in to take a photo of it and Biggie wanted in on the action.


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