Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I feel like I've been around the earth and back and, honestly, it was just a few errands. But, the sun is out and that always makes things 5 times harder for me. And, honestly, I'm now thinking the air conditioning in my car really is broken. phuck.

My swim was good. I went to the dollar store and peach pies are in the house. I stopped at Popeye's. I went to the grocery. There was only one checker and the line was huge. So I went to the self serve. This particular chain (QFC -part of Kroger) has self serve computers that do not whine or bitch nearly as much as others so it was fine. I got everything checked out and this little leprechaun of a man popped up beside me - the self checker helper guy - and said 'CONGRATULATIONS!! you got everything through and you still have a smile on your face!' He then proceeded to bag all my groceries - Your Reward for being so delightful! While he worked, he did allow as how people in shelf check out generally do not display the most pleasant of demeanors. He was cute and nice and it was fun.

Then on to Amazon for the return. They have this nice room with lockers and packaging stations and a box on the counter that says Free Bananas. Take One. Often the box is empty. Sometimes the bananas are em .. mature. Today it was full and the bananas are perfectly ready to eat. I felt like it was a SCORE!

I came home and devoured half of the Popeye's. I was starving. The kittens inspected all of the shopping and then walked across the keyboard a dozen times and then chased each other and then disappeared. I figured it was nap time but, nope, here comes Biggie and right behind him, The Smalls. Somehow, since I have been home, The Smalls has lost his collar. I don't know where. I can easily make him a new one but, I'm running out of spare bells.

I got two kinds of cat treats. Not the fancy kind but the dollar store kind. I haven't tried them out yet.

I have more stuff to put away and then I'll make the new collar. If it's not too hot back there in the sewing room, I may do some other stuff, too.


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