Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A surprisingly productive day

I had a nice walk this morning and already I can tell a difference. It takes so little but I hate it so much. But, this morning, my back felt way better and my breathing was easier as I walked and I could have walked farther but I promised myself I could quit after I rounded the block.

I inspected the progress of tearing down the viaduct. They are coming right along. There are still bits up over intersections and a section that is about 1 foot from the plate glass windows of a building but... otherwise, the thing is rubble.

I came home and stripped the bed and redid it and then did a load of laundry. I was washing up the few dishes in the sink when I remembered I had onions and celery that were aging out and grapes and hard boiled eggs that needed to be used. So I took some cooked chicken out of the freezer and thawed it and made a very excellent chicken salad.

Since there are no windows in most of my condo, the back recesses get dark. I keep low level IKEA lamps going in dark corners. The one in the bedroom was dark this morning. So I went to get a fresh bulb. Didn't fix it. Hmmm. Took the bulb out of another one and tried it. Didn't fix it. Hmmmm. Oh, wait, someone... no names will be mentioned.... knocked the plug out of the wall! Geesh.

And there are toys all over this living room. I think after I finish this entry, it's going to be pick up time.

I also think maybe the litter box in the bathroom might not have been a great idea. I don't like how it looks and they use it a lot. Too late now, I guess.

The kittens were a great help in folding laundry.

Baseball is back tonight. Yeah!

Tomorrow, I'll swim and then I think I'll make a run to the dollar store for more peach pie and to the grocery for more ice cream and kitten treats and then stop by Amazon on the way home to return an item.

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