Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


About midnight, I got woken up with stomach cramps. Immodium fixed.

About 3 am, I got woken up by an earthquake. No fix needed.

The revolt of the intestines continued this morning. Not horrible but not what you want to take to a swimming pool. So I turned the light off and went back to sleep for a bit. The kittens were not impressed by the earthquake but were sure confused by my sleeping in.

The earthquake was an interesting one. There was no doubt what it was but it was clearly not the big one. It was a gentle rolling one. Nothing crashed. The electricity was not interrupted. Turned out to be a 4.6. It's been a while since we've had one here you could feel. I would be fine if that's it for another while.

It's another cool morning out so I opened the door. The guys have been going in and out - on the ledge, on the table. And, yes, I need to put that grass/plant out of its misery. I need to pick up some potting soil and do some ministering to several of the plants around here.


Not today. I do plan to do my walk around the block but that's it for leaving the house today, I think. The sun will be out in a bit making it too hot and glare-y. Plenty of entertainment here plus more imodium if I need it.

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