Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Success... at least for now

Check it out! The new system is working at least so far.


Meanwhile, the latest new toy is the eggplant I carelessly left on the kitchen counter. Those small Japanese eggplant weigh nothing and are easily batted around. Sigh.

I discovered I have several seasons of DCI Banks that I haven't seen yet and two seasons of British Baking that I didn't even know were out of the oven. And Monday brings a new series of London Kills. Nice.

I got a bunch of little stuff done today like register the kittens with the vet for next week's visit and get all their paper work organize.

The condo passed a new rule last night that meant I had to get more house insurance. You used to be able to make small changes on the website with no people involved but now you have to call. Instant Piss Me Off. However, it turned out to be a no telephone tree call with a very efficient agent. I was pretty impressed. Deed done and proof off to the building manager here in under 15 mins total.

Now I think I'll see how Banks is getting along with that pesky murder.

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