Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I need gas in the car - well, not so much need as it would be good to get - and toilet paper - again not so much need as supply down. So, Costco. Plus air conditioned walking.

But... clearly I need more/different cat food dishes and Daiso has the best/cheapest options. Daiso is a nice 5 block walk - 10 round trip. Not air conditioned but while it's warm today, the sun will be behind the clouds so not africa hot so... maybe that's a better bet.

Costco's not going anywhere. I can do it tomorrow or next week even. I need a supply of walking opportunities in my pocket or I'll go back to staying here in this chair every day.

I hate walking so much but I hate not being able to worse. I go through bouts of not getting out of this chair basically for days and then regretting it so much. I need to stumble over some way to magically get the kind of exercise that increases or maintains stamina in a way that I will actually do every day. It never will happen but maybe?

At least I'm committed for today and I think it will be Daiso. With a pop into Uwajimaya to pick up something for lunch and maybe some fruit for a snack. I still have teriyaki chicken left over from last night for dinner.

Ugh, the sun just came out. Hopefully it will go away again and soon.


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