Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Kitten round up

They have been here now for a week.

This morning they are chasing each other and fighting over ... a kleenex!

And now, they are once again butting heads over the one food bowl even though the same food is in a bowl right next to the one they both have their heads in.Every minute it is something.

Last night, they both slept with me all night - lying against my legs.

The Smalls is often more interested in me. This morning he tried so hard to get up on the bathroom counter while I was brushing my teeth. He tried to follow me out the door. He wants to eat what I eat, drink what I drink. He's generally the first to hop up on my lap and strongly, deeply, in the bottom of his soul believes he belongs on my keyboard.

Biggie is more of a stand alone operation. He's the first to get up in the scratching post basket and stay there. He'll land on the table next to me and just sit there for a long time. Or sit across the room and watch. He has nearly zero interest in my food. He also is a disciple of the Church of the Kittens on the Keyboard.

They prefer to nap in a pile. They really like stretching out next out to me on the chair - side by side or hugging.



At a minimum, if sleeping for more than a few minutes, they need to be touching each other. If one leaves the room for any reason, the other one will follow. They have a hiding place in the closet and one under the bed. Neither will stay in either place without the other.

THE best toy is still the original stick with the ball and feather dangling from it. Last night Biggie dragged it by the feather from room to room with The Smalls prancing along behind for about an hour. The other toys are marginally amusing but only for minutes.

Wonder what the next week will bring.

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