Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

non kitten update

Ok. It's official. I need to get off my ass. Sitting watching kittens is breaking my back and my stamina.

I just walked 4 blocks over and 4 blocks back to the teriyaki place. It is mainly flat-ish. And I went slowly and I am whipped. It is really really humid out which is different for here. It is warm and drippy but not horrible. Still, just that walk did me in. Because I have not moved enough.

That's the end of that shit. Walk around the block - minimum - regardless of weather. If Africa hot, get in the car and drive to Costo and walk around Costco in the air conditioning. Skip zero days. Do it or else.

Ok, little kitten update. For some reason, The Smalls is getting a turn solo in the scratching post bowl. Not sure how he got the honor but Biggie is down here in the chair sprawled out next to me.

Everybody appears calm and happy. Me included!

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