Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A kitty day

I got guaranteed kitty treats - turkey and cheese in little soft nuggets. The Smalls sniffed and moved on. Biggie just assumed it was a toy from the get go. Neither even tried to lick it. And the hunt goes on. I pulled out some of Zoey's cheapo kibble and Biggie ate a couple but not enthusiastically. The Smalls couldn't care less. Next I'm going to try a tiny bit of American cheese. I'd love to find something they'd knock over stuff to get.

When I hid the stick toy this morning, I tucked it under the seat cushion. After lunch today, Biggie came looking for it. It was on the floor in front of the chair but he didn't care, he went right for under the seat cushion to look. He was practically standing on it to look for it. Possibly not the sharpest knife in the drawer?

I think he was playing in the toilet. I don't think he fell in but just splashed himself. There were dibbles on the floor and on the toilet seat and on him. Water not pee.

The feather stick toy just got dumped for the tape measure. Temporarily.


Squiggly and Squiggly Jr. are nearly impossible to measure, but best I could do is head to asshole, The Smalls is a smidge longer than 16" and Biggie is about 18"

They go to the vet next week - hopefully they will measure them then. For sure they will weigh them.

Of course, getting them out of the yarn bin might be an issue. They are pretty cozy in there.


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