Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No kitten news ... well, not that much

I did it. I took every single thing out of my freezer and organized it and put it back in so now I know what's in there and where I can find it. Then I did the same with the fridge only there I also took out the shelves and cleaned them.

This time last year I did all of this and it was an all day job because I had not done it in years or maybe ever since the fridge came to live here. So once I got it done last year, I vowed to do it annually and even put it on my calendar which is exactly how it came to happen today. And, yes, cleaning out after only a year is way better and easier.

On the high of that victory, I also cleaned out the two cabinets I cannot get to easily. They each had become dumping grounds. I got out the stool and pulled everything out, put most in the Goodwill bin and put the rest back. One of the things I like best about retirement is the luxury of time to get things just the way you want them. I also enjoy the aftermath of same.

Meanwhile, Biggie and The Smalls have been playing non-fucking-stop at high speed with that damn stick/feather. I'm not sure where it is now - they were just in the front of the house, probably spreading the litter around. And came running back here. The stick is probably under something. It's turquoise. Won't be hard to find. I think they may be winding down for a nap now. Maybe.
They really are so hilarious.


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