Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A quiet day in Kittenville

The Smalls is getting more and more attached to me. Biggie is not unfriendly but he has his own agenda which involves the scratching post perch. I try to hold him when the opportunity arises. I want him to get used to being held and carried but it's not going to be easy, I don't think.

I wore them out with lasers today a couple of times. I've come to appreciate kitty naps. As soon as I go to scoop out the litter box, I have the full attention of both of them. They watch me closely and then hop right in even if they don't have to go. Silly boys.

I am really sleepy. I hope we don't battle again tonight.

During kitty naps, I did finish watching Designated Survivor. So good. Netflix has not announced Season 4 but the internet tv critic peops seem to think it has a good chance. I hope so. I'm thinking about buying a month of Showtime. I want to see Billions and City on a Hill and Molly's Game. Maybe.

The Smalls in a now favorite spot next to my leg on the chair.


Biggie on the back of the chair.


No idea who's deed this was. Nice work. Maybe a team effort.


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