Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Smalls has a new best friend


The Smalls just melted right into Frank's lap. At one point he had his eyes closed - a little lap nap.

Frank was expecting them to be shy or scared. They really were neither. They really aren't afraid of much. Clipping of nails pisses them off but I don't think they are afraid of it. Turns out neither is afraid of the vacuum. I had it in the bathroom earlier today and they just watched. They did try to attack it but they weren't afraid of it. And they were fascinated by the hand held one.

They are just calm, cool dudes.

They did finally figure out how to share the perch.


Perspective... That's The Smalls in front and Biggie in back.

Oh and while Frank was here, The Smalls finally got up on the kitchen counter. We did introduce them to the outside. They really weren't that impressed. We also let them wander around. I think by September when it's time to open the door again, they'll be fine.

I got really lucky with these kitties. They are the best.

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