Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Victory for The Smalls!

Actually victory for me. I successfully moved the food and water out of the bathroom. My bathroom floor real estate is not huge and it was getting really crowded in there. The Smalls can't get to the kitchen counter yet. He tries and it won't be long but for now, the food and water is on the floor. In the kitchen.

Whew. Then I vacuumed with the stick and the hand held and got a good 99% of the litter and the red tinsel from that toy out of there. Another Whew.

Then I went into the sewing room to make the collars. Guess who followed me??? They inspected every single bit of the room... very carefully.


And while I was working, all on their own, they found the litter box cupboard and used it!!! The box (and spare litter and a container to scoop used litter into) are all in what looks like a blanket chest. It has an entryway on the side. Very nice and tidy. And now they know where it is. So I swapped the put the big litter box they have been using into the cupboard and put the smaller one into the bathroom. I'll give them a few more days and hopefully, they'll forget about the one in the bathroom. And then I can reclaim the whole room.

Their collars now have two bells. I think Biggie's may be too big yet. He's gotten his teeth caught on the bell ring once. If it happens again, I'll take it down a notch but I'd like to give them room to grow.

Biggie's is blue.


And The Smalls got neon orange/pink.


So far only Biggie had been on the top of the cat tree. But while he had his back turned a bit ago, The Smalls made a beeline. Biggie saw that action and tried to remedy. FAIL.

Now they've taken off again for the bedroom or where-ever. Another private meeting, I guess.

Meanwhile, I made two kinds of pimento cheese - one plain and one with olives and a kick. And I made potato salad and OMG that potato salad is FiNE. Had some for lunch.

Now I need to clean up the kitchen. I don't know what time Frank's coming over. I don't even know if he's working today or not. Doesn't matter I'm ready for whatever and have plenty to keep me off the streets until then. Plus, kitten entertainment.

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