Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I think I'm going start calling them Biggie and The Smalls. And they continuing their run here of hilarity. I have this motion laser. If you move it or knock it a little it throws out a beam for a finite amount of time - I think it's 30 seconds. And then it stops. It's sitting on this table with the laptop. Biggie keeps hopping up here and starting it off and then chasing it until it stops.

I swear it feels like he's scratching his head when it stops. He's so confused. It's so funny.

This is The Smalls


This is Biggie


Today they are playing King Of The Mountain. Biggie's perched on top and The Smalls wants in on the action. He's trying so hard.

He's given up and now all over me and this keyboard while his brother is watching The Tree That I hate.

Not at all surprising, there was nearly no one at the gym this morning. Only a handful of us regulars. Front Desk Frank told me yesterday it was packed the whole time it was open.

After my swim, I went to the 24 hour Safeway. Frank is coming over tonight to meet the kittens and I thought I'd pick up some watermelon and stuff to make potato salad. Done and done.

It is cool enough this morning to turn off the a/c and have the door open but I'm not sure these two are ready for the terrace so I'm leaving the door closed for now. Maybe when Frank's here tonight and there are two of us, we'll give it a maiden run. I think it's going to be too hot to have it open for a couple of months so there's really no hurry.

This entry has taken me forever to write because I keep getting interrupted!

Guess I'll quit trying. I want to go make them collars this morning anyway. Sewing with them is going to be extra fun!


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