Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Two more kitten bits

Yesterday, they were happy to claw the arms of my chair. Oddly, I was not that happy about it. So I put a couple of rows of packing tape on the arms and did the aforementioned clipping and bingo bango, problem solved! Each of them gave it a go and discovered the problem and have not even tried again.

Human 1, Kitties 0

They travel together. They go off to the bedroom - under the bed, I think. And stay and then come out, together. They aren't in lock step. Mars is right here in my lap and Joy is off down the hall. If I turn on the laser, they will both chase that dot but otherwise, they do their own thing. Then, in a bit, together, they will go back to the bedroom. It's like they have a pact.

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