Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Just more kitten stuff

I went to the game and my whackadoodle shirt I made to withstand the sun/heat worked out pretty well and got a whole lotta complements. It was not horribly hot but it was mostly uncomfortable. It didn't help that we lost. Again. To a team that is not as good as we are (hard to believe there is any team not as good as we are). I did miss the kittens.

I did leave them confined to the bathroom. The basket of toys I left in there was untouched. But, the food was pretty much gone. They didn't rush out to play with me and I tried not to be hurt. After a bit, I convinced them to come out of the bedroom (thank you, laser). And they played here in the living room for a while and now they have gone back to the bedroom. Executive meeting?

The pet food/supplies store at the adoption place gave me this toy which was a mixed blessing. They loved it ... to death. I had red fur and sparkly stuff all over the house. I have no idea what happened to it.


This is Mars... mini Mars. He's the tiniest. I was trying to get a perspective shot here. I think I managed. This will be fun to replicate in coming months.


This perch is going to be a regular hang out spot, I think.


And here we have them with the ever popular laser...

I think tonight will be crochet and TV. We may get a chance to see if these kittens are yarn kittens. Stay tuned.

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