Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


To get to the pool at the gym, you go through the locker rooms. This morning I came out of the women's locker room just after two regulars - Matt and Michael - came out of the mens. They were in the middle of discussing which one would take which of the three lanes and I heard 'which side of Susan do you want?' CRACKED ME UP! I do always take the middle lane mainly because I always get their first but, as I told them, just consider me the peanut butter and jelly in your sandwich.

Today is house cleaner day. And, so, get out of the house day. I have a bunch of donations all ready to take to Goodwill and I need to make a grocery stop but Grocery Outlet (the one closest to here) will work fine. I need grated cheese and that's something they always have an abundance of. There's a chance I might go to the Mariner game with my friend, Frank, tonight. Some guy at his work is selling his very good seats. It might not happen but if it does, I need to make some pimento cheese. Frank has never had pimento cheese and he's very interested. Our get togethers are always so last minute that I never have time to make it before I see him. IF we get together for baseball tonight, I will have it ready for him after the game.

My car's a/c is out of cold ... again. This happened last year and the fix was expensive. He put some kind of dye in the juice so that if there was a leak he could find it. I'm guessing, it's now been too long to make that an option so we start from $cratch again. Sigh. At least I could pop him an email and set up a convenient time with minimal effort. Next Tuesday - 7am.

I ordered some yarn from a Danish yarn company the other day. The price was good and the offering intriguing. And the website seemed way amenable to sending stuff the U.S. So I picked an offering to test. I don't have the yarn yet, but so far the entire experience has been top drawer. Their website is clear and easy to understand and find what I want but mostly it's their communications. Their no nonsense emails and tracking is really nice and impressive. I can't wait to see the yarn!

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