Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The part of the country I grew up in (southeastern u.s.), had rain nearly every day all Summer long. A thunder shower in the evening. It rarely cooled off the scorching heat, it just increased the already miserable humidity.

When I moved to Northern California, I was astounded when people planned giant events outdoors in the Summer months in advance with NO back up rain plan. I learned, of course, they didn't need one. The brown bear state got brown because the east coast hogged all the rain.

Pretty much the same deal here in Seattle. July and August and lots of September... dry as a bone. There are the occasional forecasts for rain but no water ever falls from the sky. I remember one 4th of July when it poured. I mean poured all day long. But, that was the year my friend, John, flew in and borrowed my car and drove to Portland. John died in 2003 so ... that rain was a while ago.

But, today, miracle of miracles, we are getting real rain. Rain like we haven't seen in at least a month. A very nice soaking. Those gardeners who put off watering their gardens are doing the happy dance today for sure.

It's really lovely and refreshing and cooling and has no lightening at least not here in downtown. I should pull my car out of the garage and give it what my Mom used to call God's Car Wash.

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