Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It is a fabulous 60 degrees out with clouds and a lovely breeze. My air conditioner is resting and the door is open. Really nice.

Not a plan in place for today. Yesterday, I got a wild hair and whipped up a pair on pants using my regular pattern but making some changes - making them roomier all around. Worked out fine. I used another of my Goodwill jersey bedsheets. Today I might make another pair - wider legs and maybe a little shorter - kind of coulotte-y. I need to check my jersey bedsheet stash which I know is getting a little low. People need to donate more of these to Goodwill!

The phone says that the Frigidaire Cloud is down for maintenance so I just had to get up and go get the air conditioner remote to turn it off. Preposterously annoying. I'm cracking myself up here.

Oh Google gave me back $25 for the cellphone plan I canceled. Thanks, G!

I was almost - so close - almost done with Bubble Blast 2. Had enough, no more more then one more before I deleted it and bam... back in it again. sigh.

The housecleaner comes tomorrow but everything is kind of tidy already so no prep work needed today. Well, maybe making up a shopping list...


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