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This 'n that

I used to wear fingerless neoprine gloves when I swam so that when my hand occasionally hit the lane lines (mostly when I share a lane), I would not get one of those ugly senile purpura bruises. But, when I discovered that not taking aspirin kind of fixed that problem, I left the gloves at home. Less stuff is always better for me.

Well... the gloves are coming back into play. This morning my hand hit the lane line - not even hard - and I have the mother of a purple hand. It doesn't hurt but bam, it is ugly. And it will take a month to disappear. ugh.


(The photo above is supposed to be lj cut while it looks that way in the editor, it sure isn't cut in my rendering. Oh well.)

The pool was full today - regulars and newbies. Holiday week is going to be like that. Fine by me... and my gloves.

I ate the last of the breakfast burritos this morning. I need to make another batch. I make 6 to 8 at a time but it seems I'm always running out. They have become a marker of time flying by. I have by the way conquered the soggy. I now make sure that the eggs are very hard scrambled. Not one tiny bit runny. Then I let them cool down to almost cold before I fold them into burritos. Works pretty darned good. I also wrap them each in dollar store parchment paper. Fridge to microwave. 60 seconds (8" tortillas). yum. So I'll be doing that today.

My nephew and his wife are thinking about an Alaskan cruise this fall. They want me to come with. I almost would except. Nah. The idea of being stuck on a boat with people who make me crazy (NOT my nephew or his wife both of whom are fabulous travel companions) is just not my idea of fun. Plus crowds. She wants to take her mother and my brother and his wife may sign up so that makes six and my 'date' would be her mother who may be lovely but why chance it? I'd rather stay here and spend the money on useless shit. Hopefully,they will leave and come back through Seattle and I'll get to see them then.

I think I may have found my audio book du jour. It's a Sandra Brown. Tailspin. According to Goodreads, I read one of hers and really liked it. She's written a pile and, inexplicably, I've never read any of the others. So... in addition to finding a good read for now, I may have uncovered a mother load.

There's this very cool service in England - Blind Date With A Book. I love the concept so much and the graphics! But, sadly, it's only for paper pages books. Not Kindle, not audio. So not me. They have an active twitter account as does Audible so periodically I tweet and tag them both and try to get them on a blind date!

Also today is a giant clean out of the littler box and it's cupboard. All litter out, everything washed and smelling sweet and then reassembled.

litter and burritos. fun times. actually, i love having all the time in the world to do these things leisurely and well. No baseball even today.


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