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I got up and change the sheet on the bed and tossed the dirty one in with a load to wash while I swam. Then I swam. Then I popped into Trader Joe's for a couple of things and remembered to stop at the ATM for cash. I decided to also stop at Blazing Bagels to pick up a sandwich for lunch. There I ran into a swat team.


I was amused to see they parked in a spot belonging to the business next to the bagel place. It had a gigantic sign that said "If you park here for Blazing Bagels, YOU WILL BE TOWED!" I guess the swat team parks whereevertheyfuckingwantto. Also amusing, when I posted the photo on Instagram, I got autocorrected to sweat team.

Then I went across the street to Krispy Kreme to get breakfast and found the Police bag pipers.


Parade day!

I wanted to try one of the new cream filled glazed donuts from Krispy Kreme. It was good but, honestly, my favorite in all the world is a plain old glazed Krispy Kreme donut and now I have five left - I am donut wealthy.

I got home and dragged my goods up to the lobby and noticed the elevator button was already lit. hmmm. I hit the button and waited 18 minutes. No elevator. Fuck. I called the emergency line of the building maintenance company and got a snotty on call person. I left the info with her and hung up. The key from the stairwells to the various floors is different than the key to the building. Since I never use the stairs and I hate carrying extra shit, I never carry the key to the stairwells.

Yep, I was fucked. Then a cute young couple came in from getting coffee and miraculously he had a stairwell key. And was so kind. They live on the second floor so nbd. BUT very big deal for old fat lady with COPD and a penchant for high drama to get her giant ass up to the 4th floor via steep steps. The guy with the key was so very patient and kind and sweet and patient as I huffed and puffed up to the 4th floor. I barely had enough air to thank him. He really was so kind.

I think the elevators are working fine except if you want to get to the lobby. I have a package down their that the post office just delivered but I may not chance going to get it. I'd also like to get another couple of shots of what's left of the viaduct - they are chewing it up fast.

But I have plenty to do inside. Every chargeable thing I have, it seems, wants charging today so I'm doing that. Plus laundry. Plus finding a new book to listen to.

The one I found yesterday had a very annoying narrator. So last night I swapped it for another one. These are all library books - so heaven to 'shop' the library from my bed. Anyway, the new one had two friggen grammar errors in the first 10 minutes. NO NO NO. I'm so sorry that her editor has obviously died, but nfw am I listening to 12 hours of poor grammar. The next one was just weird and I gave up until today.

The hunt is back on. I have resources and I plan to use them.

The baseball game starts right now. And it's the last day of the month so I want to tally up my spending spreadsheet and report for the month.


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