Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I finished a book last night and picked a new one to start tonight. I always hesitate to add an as-yet-unopened book to my Currently Reading in Goodreads. It seems to be asking for an incomplete read. But, it's done. It's a library book so I'm not so committed which may exacerbate the situation.

I woke up this morning and literally lay there with my eyes closed but fairly awake for about 45 minutes. It was kind of luxurious.

I am wearing the dress that I made yesterday and it needs a tweak. The neckline is too high in the front. I didn't use a pattern but rather my notes from other makes. The neckline is the issue. I created a template for generic round necklines and I didn't make it dip down enough in the front. I'll fix it this morning and then fix the template and my notes so, hopefully, I can hit it right the next time. Otherwise, the dress is a perfect lounge dress.

This house needs tidying up. Not much but just enough so that I need to go room to room and pick up, straighten up and fix. Probably 20 minutes worth. Total. On the list.

I don't anticipate going anywhere today. I may make a trip down to the dumpsters but that will likely be the farthest I go.

There are now three fire department aid trucks on the street below my terrace. I can see the trucks but the goddamntree blocks any chance of seeing what the people are up to. Sigh. Can't wait for fall.

It's cloudy out but also warm ... we are minutes away from shutting the door (my only access to the outside) and lowering the blinds and gratefully turning on the air conditioner.

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