Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

a little off the top

Around the end of last year, I hit the last straw of professional hair cutting. The only thing I found even remotely tolerable about getting my hair cut was the result. The rest, I hated. So I decided to do it myself. I bought a hair trimmer and tried that. Ooops. Then I bought a Flowbee and tried that. Ooops. I had to wait for growing back... and had a few more set backs - I am so not a quick learner :)

Finally, yesterday, I gave myself my first acceptable haircut! There are no bare spots, it's even, it does not even look like a goat chewed off the ends.

I was reading a novel not long ago where one character was describing another and his description included "her hair looked like she had cut it herself, but not too badly." I think that pretty much describes my efforts of yesterday and I can totally live with that. No chit chat. I did not have to answer questions like 'so what are your plans for today?' or 'don't you love/hate/whatever this weather?' I did not have to debate the over tip for the result or undertip for the annoying conversation. And the music volume was perfect.

Satisfied customer, c'est moi.

I love this time of year when rainbow flags spring up everywhere on every building. There's a giant one on Starbucks' HQ. It would be great if this kind of love was year round and everywhere but until then, I'll just love all the color everywhere.

Today's baseball game is a day game that starts here at 11 so I'll be doing that while I work on my latest crochet project.


This is my fun way to use up all the bits and pieces of yarn. My plan is to make it for my bed OR smaller if I get tired of doing it. The beauty of this kind of project is that it can stop at any time and be finished. Or go forever. Time will tell...

I still have the July 4 baseball sunblock top to finish but there's plenty of time. There may be laundry today. Also I plan to go out and snap some pics of the highway coming down on the west side of this building. Historical documentation.

Oh and the Costco app totally now has all my prescriptions ready for me to refill whenever I want to. Yeah!


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