Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I tweeted about the 15 Items or Fewer situation at Safeway yesterday and actually got a reasonable tweet response last night. On a Sunday. And it was reasonable. I was impressed.

I am reading (or rather listening to) Mrs. Everything and a large plot point in the last couple of hours of listening is Consciousness-Raising Groups around feminism in the 70's. It's so cringeworthy. I was there. I sat in those groups, I experienced exactly what she's describing. We were every bit as sincere and as earnest and as confused as the people in the book. But, now... it all sounds so ridiculous. To me, it is a flagrant reminder that the good old days were really really really not good.

But today... today, so far, is very good. It's so nice and cool that I nearly need a sweater! I have no one needing or wanting me to do anything. I have lots of good sewing to do and crocheting and TV and enough food to stave off any shopping trips maybe all week.

I do want to spend some time today and every day doing stretches. I swim in the mornings but by mid-afternoon, often I have been sitting the rest of the day. By evening I'm not very comfortable at all. I think if I made a conscience effort to at least stretch out for 15 minutes, I'd feel better. The problem is that afternoons are the worst in terms of my remembering to do anything. Well, actually, the evenings are the worst but afternoons are close. I have always been a morning person but the older I get the worse it gets.

So today I have Monday resolve to acquire a new habit - afternoon stretches. Can do. Will do.


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