Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

lap me, baby

My swim this morning was just the best. A new guy was on the desk and he let me in 5 minutes early. A woman who swims there often was in one lane and then me and then a triathlete guy who hates swimming but does it most every Sunday was in the third lane. No one else for the whole hour. It was nice. And for some reason, I had a faster pace than usual. Just nice all around.

My plan was to go to Safeway and get some essentials and then to over the the farmer's market and get some tomatoes. That safeway always pisses me off and sure enough, it was on point today. One check stand open. 15 ITEMS OR LESS. First of all, that needs to be 15 items or fewer. The only other option was self checkout which also said 15 items or less. I looked at one staffer and my way-more-than-15-item basket and he said 'oh just go in the express lane'. NWF asshole. If I get in that lane 5 people with 1 item will line up behind me and sear me with their side eye. I did the self checkout which always fucks up in that store. And did this time.

Even with all those stupid hijinks, it was only 9:30 when I got back to my car. The farmer's market doesn't open til 10 which is why I never get there. And didn't today.

It is deliciously cool today and the high is only only supposed to get to 65 degrees. There are days in the forecast that are projected to be even cooler than today. My idea of exactly perfect weather.

My sewing todo pile is getting bigger and I'm not really into it today. I'll get to it this week and it's nice to know that it won't be too hot back there when I do. Today is baseball and TV.

I started my month of CBS All Access so I could watch Season 3 of The Good Fight. So far... so good. But first. Before I can sit down and relax, I need to clean up the kitchen and hang up my wet swim suit.


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