Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Is she dead, Jim?

The plan was to skip swimming because I wanted to but also because it would mean I would have more hours in today. On weekends the pool doesn't open til 8 so it's 9:30 before my day really even gets started which frustrates me. So skip.

Except, this morning, I slept til 9:30! I do not remember when I even last slept past 7:30. At least I sure do feel rested. And really no big deal. I have plenty of time to get a wash in - my tie dye pride shirt needed laundry for the Seattle Men's Chorus show called Summer of 1969. I couldn't not wear it or wear it dirty so laundry.

Just heard a very nearby firetruck and so looked up what was happening to discover it was 'rubbish fire' on the corner here which I could probably see from my terrace if it weren't for all these fucking trees.

Last night's game was exhausting - hmmm maybe explains paragraph 1 above. We were ahead 10-3 early on... until we were not. Now, we suck, big time. The Mariners always suck. But, this year, Baltimore (the team currently in town) really really really sucks. And, yet, here we were... the Orioles managed to add to their score until it was Mariners 10, Baltimore 9. We held on and I'll bet the Baltimore fans really felt robbed (as they should have) but it was exhausting.

Now I have nearly frittered away the few hours I had left. No big deal, really. The laundry is done so there's that. Before I leave I need to shower, clean the kitchen, fold the rest of the laundry and put it away and put away my game stuff - next game isn't until July 4. Oh and take a load of garbage to the dumpster but I can do that on the way out.

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