Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The house is clean and quiet. I haven't needed to turn on the a/c since yesterday morning so it really is quiet. Except for the background city noise which I like.

It's cool enough to work in the sewing room which I might very well do today. I have a top cut out and ready for assembly. The fabric is searsucker which feels so cool and so retro. It is from what appeared to be curtains. Or maybe a tablecloth. From Goodwill, of course.

Yesterday I got some okra at Uwajimaya because I had found this idea about roasting it to crunchiness that I wanted to try. Sadly, it did not work. The roasted okra was not horrible, but it sure wasn't crunchy. Wonder what would happen if I stuck it under the broiler? hmmmm. I adore fried okra but I hate frying anything in this house. Way too messy. Way too smelly.

I also picked up some Thai eggplant which is basically eggplant the size and shape of tangerines. I cut one up and roasted it with the okra. It did not turn out too bad. I also love fried eggplant but like the okra, too many cons to making it here. But, roasting opens up new opportunities. Also kudos to my oven for being the most insulated of all. Even turned up to 450 degrees, as long as the door is shut, the kitchen stays cool. Wild and ever so nice.

In the deli section of the store they always have these premade sandwiches which just look so delicious. Finally yesterday I bought one. Turns out they are not delicious at all! Now I can just ignore them. Nice.

Nothing big on for today. If it says cool, I may even go outside. Maybe.


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