Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

love the sentiment - hate the cliche

I unfollowed a bunch of people on Instagram and muted the stories of most - trying to wean myself off. As it is now, it only takes me a couple of minutes to catch up. Which is about perfect.

This morning, no fewer than three entries and two stories were labeled 'living her/his best life'. I get the concept but seriously is there no other way to express it? On the other hand no cliche got to cliche status without overuse so... there you go.

I finally paid (rent) to watch The Favourite yesterday. Lasted 20 minutes. Maybe I've just already heard too much about it to even find it interesting. Glad I used reward bucks instead of real money.

Yesterday stayed cool-ish but it was so humid you could have squeezed the air and gotten air juice or... as we say... water! Ugh. Cool and humid is better than hot and humid but I spent my first 25 years in severe humidity. I've done my time. I closed the door and turned on the a/c. Today it feels much better so a/c is off and door is open. Nice.

They are building a huge new cruise ship terminal one block from right here. So if your cruise stops in Seattle, chances are you'll dock right by my front door. This could be cool. For one thing they might finally really shore up the public transport down here. We are on the southern tip of the historic district (and of downtown) and they have really left us off the public transport plans for the most part but if we've got hoards of People With Cash To Spend coming into the 'hood on a regular basis... this could be cool. Or a freakin' mess. The new terminal is expected to open in 2022. So maybe even in my lifetime. Interesting.

I love the Seattle Men's Chorus. I have since I first moved to Seattle. I did in the years when AIDS devastated its population. I did when it got built back up again and I still do. I hate, however, their chosen venue. Most of their concerts are over in a theater at the University of Washington which is a major pain in the ass to get to and an even bigger one to get home from.

Once in a while, they use the Symphony Hall downtown. I can walk 2 blocks and get a light rail that connects by elevator right to the hall itself! This Saturday both of those goodnesses collide with the concert of songs from my youth... The Summer of 1969. I have a seat on the 5th row. I hope that isn't too close. I'm quite excited and it's an afternoon concert which is always better for me.

Today is house cleaner day so get-out-of-her-way day. I'll make my usual run through Goodwill to see what's new and then, since it's so cool, I might just sit in the car, with the windows down, and read my book. Amazon just announced a new Kindle. This means it's current high end is no longer high price! Plus, deals... 20% off and $25 trade in so... I got one. I've really been enjoying reading word books (in addition to audio books) recently and the Oasis Kindle has such a nice hand feel. Plus new tech toy!

Time now to go hang up my wet swimsuit, get myself dressed and ready to go when she gets here.


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