Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Me centric

I live alone. I have very few f2f friends. My only family is a brother who is marvelous but 2,000 miles away. I am retired with zero life structure and more than adequate resources. This is a life I hoped for and planned for and am rabidly grateful for every single day.

I chose to be happy about life in general. I mean, really, read paragraph one above, what's not to be happy about???

I do care what other people think of me somewhat. Not to the extent that a lot of people do but I do care. I can be very unlikable and I honestly don't go out of my way to curry favor with everyone I meet. I end up being kind of mean to people I don't like and I do this with nearly zero regrets.

I rarely run into people like me in this respect. After much thought and stress about the stupid building manager, (Way more, by the way, than is warranted and that, alone, pisses me off) I've decided that that little rat of a man is really just like me. But without the age, maturity, resources and position to pull it off. Poor thing.

And, oddly, coming to this realization has set me right about the whole thing.

Last nights ballgame had some excellent moments. The company on either side of me was delightful. The food was delicious. The staff was so welcoming and nice. The Mariners played really well for 60% of the game. But, honestly, leaving the winning run on base in both the 8th and 9th inning and taking way longer to lose than is necessary, makes for a difficult game. At least the trip home was not crowded. Most everyone had bailed. next game for me is Friday night.

Sunday I went into the Costco app and tried transferring one of my prescriptions from Humana Pharmacy to the Costco store. Yesterday, I checked and it appears to have worked perfectly. Today I transferred the rest. Hopefully they will work as well and by Thursday, everything should be showing up in their app.

We actually have drizzle out today! It's lovey and cool. A/C is off and the door to the outside is open. Time now for another cup of coffee.

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