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I skipped yesterday's swim and will skip tomorrow's so I made the most out of today's. There's a woman who swims a fair number of days but never for very long. She has a set program that she runs through. It usually takes her about 15 minutes. She's always gone by the time I'm done. But today, she was running late so I ran into her in the locker room and discovered that after she swims, she showers and then dresses and goes to work out with the weights and machines. I guess I'll quit dissing her for her short swims. And quit thinking so highly of my own efforts.

Tonight I have dinner and a baseball game. That's why no swim tomorrow. Midweek games are nice because the crowds are smaller and so many leave early. Heck when we are losing big, everyone leaves early but me and a couple of drunks.

Between now and 5 - when I leave for the ballpark - there will be the usual goings on. I have two new crochet projects. One underway and one waiting on yarn which Amazon says is now One Stop Away. So that may get my attention for a while. And one of my books in progress is a library book with no renewals so I want to make sure I get it read before it's due.

So far it's lovely and cloudy and cool. And may stay that way all week. And then there's July and August. Those two months always seem to go on forever. I'd be ok if they did not this year.

I have several house projects - like closet cleaning outs and stuff culling - that are calling out to me. So far, my response has been to cover my ears with an I Can't Hear You!! I'm kind of at a point where I have room to hide more things out of sight so the need to clear out isn't that strong. But, I always feel so much better when my load for Goodwill is a big one. So... we'll see. I'm sure my brother or whoever has to clean up after I'm gone, would appreciate any proactive work on my part.

Ok, so yarn delivered by my favorite Amazon delivery guy. Time to get going on the day!

I also just dug around to find an email form for logistics feedback to
Amazon and popped them a note about today's delivery guy and the one from last Saturday. And their delivery people in general recently all being so cool and nice and friendly and efficient. I'm not at all confident the note will land in the hands of people who need to know but maybe...


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