Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

emergency baseball game

There's a guy playing for the Mariners today who has spent the last 7 years playing minor league baseball. That's a lotta minor league years. Minor league ball is hard time for players. This kid has a younger brother who is a pitcher for the Phillies.

He found out yesterday that he was finally going to the major leagues. Today, in Oakland, CA he made the third out in the 1st inning (playing 1st base). The broadcaster just said that his parents and his grandparents and a sibling are in the audience having come in from Baton Rouge, LA. Imagine that scramble yesterday. So cool. What a fun Father's Day.

Turns out Alexa and Google do not work together in the car. Oh well.

I've been playing around with crochet rings. And today I made lemonade.

Here's the yarn I started with. It's called a cake.

Here are the rings I made with it. That yellow ball is all that was left over.


Then, today, I found a home for them!!


This is making me happy.


Zoey has a new spot and I haven't found it yet. That trickster.

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