Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I slept hard and long last night. It's always a shock to wake up two hours later than usual. Particularly in retirement, it takes me a while to lock in 'it's the weekend'. Not that it matters. The worst thing that would happen if I slept too late is that I would miss a swim. NBD.

After my swim this morning, I dipped into Trader Joes which was packed. I had wanted to wander around but there were really too many kids without parental oversight to make that enjoyable so I got what was on my list and split.

I took the route by my favorite breakfast place (Luna Park Cafe) figuring if there was parking, I'd stop. They always have huge crowds on weekends and they have the tiniest parking lot. All the street spaces are gone while there is road construction so I was hoping that discouraged the crowds and, apparently, I was right! I found a spot in the tiny lot and had a lovely breakfast.

Then home where my new poster arrived and also the frame I ordered for it.


I got the frame from Amazon and it is a shockingly high quality frame for the money. I'm now considering reframing a couple of pieces I have hanging now.

I'm reading two really good books right now.

On my Kindle is The Gown by Jennifer Robson. I am not a fan of reading history and particularly not fictionalized history but this is a clear exception. I'm enjoying it very much.

My current audio book is Mrs. Everything by Jennifer Weiner. It's just a good story. At least so far.

Now I need to go put away the TJ's. And hang up my wet swimsuit. And clean up the cat barf that Zoey left me last night. And then I think I'm going to take off this top and make the sleeves bigger.

After that, no particular plans for the rest of the day. Stayin' in and stayin' cool.


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