Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And other stuff

This week it was announced that Amazon Restaurants is ending. This is disappointing. It is the only food delivery service I use. I really really like it. I don't order food often - maybe once a month - but I always used Amazon when I did. I can't bring myself to use Uber anything. They seem to be the deliverer of choice around here for restaurants so I guess I'll be ordering in even less. Bummer.

I need carpet cleaning. I have zero interest in the kind where you move all your furniture out of the room and then don't walk on it for a day but I sure could use a giants sucking/scrubbing machine in the major pathways. Our last building manager had the HOA buy a carpet cleaner for the hallways. Our current building manager can't be bothered so hires a service. I just sent a note to the president asking if we still have the machine and may I please borrow it. I'm sure this plan will not work but figure it's worth a shot.

When it fails I may just abandon the project and leave it for those who handle the rest of all this after I die.

I did get the sewing room cleaned up and organized better than it has been in a while. Now I need to get in there and make something - aka mess it up again.

But not today. The sewing room is farthest from the air conditioner so ... not today.

The baseball game is at 5. I've got a new book going on Kindle - The Gown by Jennifer Robson. It's a library book, so short life. I think I'll give it some attention.

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