Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

bloody hell!

Yesterday, after blowing my nose all day, I had a small nose bleed. It rarely happens and this one lasted about 3 tissues worth. Tiny. Cut to today.

I was on Amazon clicking for a return. It's a 'free' return but they were telling me I had to mail it and they would then send me $3.50 for postage. The cheapest mailing was $8. WTF? So I decided to get onto chat and ask if I couldn't just drop it off at the usual place.

Zoey was wandering around and decided to walk across the keyboard while I was setting the chat up. And then I started coughing and coughing and coughing and just as I finally got the damn cat off the keyboard, the chat guy came on and I'm coughing and typing my request and all of a sudden my nose starts gushing blood and Zoey decides she's not done yet - back and forth across the keyboard - and I'm still coughing and bleeding and grabbing tissues as fast as I could. I was trying to find the hands to tell the chat guy that I had an emergency when he typed 'hold on while I check on that for you'.

Seriously, I hope someone was on the Nest cam to see that. What a 3 ring circus. Finally, the coughing just stopped which was weird. And Zoey gave up and left and then the chat guy did just what I wanted about the time the nose quit bleeding.

Whew. My blouse is now soaking in cold water. Thankfully, I didn't bleed on the furniture. Zoey got some treats and all is now fine. But it was a wild ass few minutes there.

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