Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Echo Auto

This is mainly for jocosa who asked...

It finally got here at 2. Geesh. Dear Amazon delivery map, I wish I could quit you. But, I can't.

And, sadly, I'm afraid that I will not be able to take this hardware and sling it back into Amazon's face as punishment for making me wait so long for one of their stupid invitations to buy. First test says I'll be keeping and enjoying it.

The Roav Bolt (a similar gizmo that cost twice as much and uses Google Assistant instead of Alexa) was easy to install and worked great. The problem with it is Google Assistant. It could be, in fairness, that I'm just not Google Assistant friendly. But, it's always hated me and still does.

I want to get in the car to go to the pool and say Good Morning and have it give me the weather, the traffic report and then the news. (Google's list of news sources is impossible. And has only one from the Pacific Northwest and that's the Tacoma paper.) It mostly always starts right up with the weather and the traffic and then I get 'from the Tacoma News Tribune ' and then nothing. If I then give it the preferred command 'listen to the news', I get OK Here's the News. From the Tacoma News Tribune and that's all. About once every 20 tries I get the full news.

The Echo Auto is cute. And is small enough to sit nicely in my car which is kind of a miracle in itself. I don't have that many places for shit to sit. (The Roav is just the cigarette lighter plug.)

It was dirt simple to install. I mean really a little anti climatic. I set up my Good Morning routine and tried it out. (Alexa has far better news sources.) and it ran through them fine and dandy. Although the Seattle Times is read by a robot and sounds pretty hilarious. How, does Alexa know where I 'work'?? I know how Google knows. But, did it tell Alexa? hmmmm

It also serves as the bluetooth receiver for everything so I can use it for Google maps and Google music and anything else on my phone in addition to all the Alexa tricks. I am just so much more comfortable with Alexa and how she operates and she really does like me lots. She never doesn't listen and always does what I want and nicely. Google Assistant could take lessons.

Both of them, by the way, require that your car radio stay in AUX mode. So, you can't listen to the radio and ask Alexa anything. She will ignore you. People on Reddit think this is a problem. I don't. One of the reasons I want this is so that I do not have to listen to the radio any more.

So... jocosa check in with me along about Friday to make sure, but I think you might have to break that box open after all.

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