Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Lovey way to start a Sunday

Yesterday I was in the middle of deciding whether or not to skip today's swim when I got a text from Frank asking if I wanted to meet him for breakfast today at 8:45. Decision made! Elegant breakfast beat out the swim for today.

We met at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Seattle and had breakfast in their Georgian Room. It's beautiful and quiet and elegant and perfect. The Fairmont is not far from my house.

But, it is pretty much uphill so I took a bus. Because I forgot to get off the bus, I had a lovely little walk anyway. Just not uphill. I got there way too early, as usual, and sat the lobby and finished my book.


I then found a new one and downloaded it just as Frank arrived. Perfect. They gave us a great table. This is what I saw over Frank's shoulder.


The room is so lovely and the service is really good. The food was pretty good, too. And the conversation was fun as always. Frank is such good company.

After we went our separate ways and I decided to try the walk home and see just how much my lungs were up for it. Also I wanted to check out the one Amazon Go store I haven't been to. (It turned out to be closed.) The weather was perfect for walking. Sun and shade. Hot and cool with a breeze. My hip started whining about half way home which was so cool. When my hip or knees or feet start to bitch it means my lungs are so good I don't even notice my breathing at all. Very good news.

I popped into the fabric shop which is about 3 blocks from home to both rest and pick up a couple of separating zippers. And then made it home fine and dandy. I feel very relieved about the lung situation. COPD (which I have) is degenerative. It's never going to get better. The trick is to stave off its getting worse as long as possible. Every time I have an episode, I wonder and worry if this is the beginning of the really bad part. And am ever so relieved to learn it is not. So WHEW.

Today I have a small handful of little chores around the house and a baseball game to watch. This has the makings of a truly perfect Sunday.

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