Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

An interesting day so far

The gym was nearly abandoned this morning. So weird. One other swimmer who was only there for 20 minutes.

I left the pool and went down to the Dollar Store. The first victory was they had my sponges back. I love these nothing sponges and you get six to a package for a dollar! I mean that pretty much free, right? I stocked up. I also stocked up on frozen breakfast stuff. And peach pies. It as a good haul. And I remembered to put the frozen stuff into my insulated shopping bag.

Then on to Popeye's but I was ahead of myself and Popeye's doesn't open til 10. So I sat in my car in the cool morning air and read my book. It was just actually lovely. Then they opened and the nicest woman waited on me. She was sweet and chipper and friendly and gave me fried chicken. What is not to love.

On to Costco. Google got a little twisted in the directions but we got there. And it was crowded. But I just headed to the far corner of the parking lot and found a spot easy peasy. They had my inhaler all ready and a prescription for prednisone even though I told the nurse practitioner
I didn't need it. Oh well. I'm fine with it. Nice to have double backup.

The Costco tech started to ring it up and I asked, do you have my insurance on file?

I recently had a knock down drag out fight with Humana Pharmacy and vowed to get a divorce from them. I took a prescription to Costco a couple of weeks ago for a trial and it worked fine but they did not ask me for my insurance which I thought was odd. So this time I asked.

She said no. And said it would take about 10 minutes to get it into the system. I said cool and gave her the card. Buying drugs has always been a mystery to me. When you buy illegal drugs, they tell you the price, you give them the money, they give you the drugs. When you buy legal drugs, the price is a closely guarded deeply held secret that you can never know until it's time to hand over the $. My insurance says that all my class 1 drugs are free and my class 3 drugs cost out the ying yang. I have one class 3 prescription and the rest are class 1. Because I'm on Medicare, after xxx of dollars, I get no drug coverage until pay yyyy and then everything is free - or some such voodoo magic crap.

Today's drugs were class 1 BUT because I am in that donut hole right now, I expected to pay full price. The inhaler is usually about $80. The prednisone is about $12. So I expected to shell out about $100.

Anyway... I wandered around the store for 10 minutes and then went back to the pharmacy. Not ready yet. So I sat. and sat and sat and sat. There were two techs and they were both fun and funny and kind and kept checking on my stuff. Then a guy from the back (who could see me through a window) came out and asked me what in the world I was waiting for so long. The techs told him and he went and checked. I ended up waiting about 45 minutes but it was not hard time. It was pretty pleasant with fabulous people watching.

Then, when my insurance finally got into their system, all the techs came out to tell me. We did a little group cheer. It was hilarious. And... the charge, for both, was only $15! I have no idea why but turns out I was fine with only paying $15.

The regular checkout lines were the longest I have ever seen. I just took my paid for drugs and weaved my way out of there. I even remembered to get the car filled with gas.

I came home and quickly got the freezer stuff into the freezer. Miraculously, it was still cold!

Win win win.

While I was cooling my heels at Costco, one of the techs suggested I download the Costco app. She said they had added a bunch of features in the pharmacy section and, indeed, it's quite functional and an easy way to get the rest of my prescriptions transferred.

So, now I'm home. I have one load of laundry in the dryer and the second one in the washer. The kitchen is clean. Everything is under control.

I think I might crack the Season 2 of Killing Eve this aft. Maybe. There are a couple of new things on Acorn TV that I haven't seen yet, so maybe... I'm holding off on The Good Fight until July during baseball's all star break.

Ok, now I have to put away two things and then change the batteries in my window shades and take the garbage down. Then I can sit.


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