Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

postie mcposter today

I did finally hear from the lung doctor's norse practitioner. She thinks my problem is allergies meets pool chemicals that I'm not used to.  I don't think she's right but what the fuck do I know? She said that I should start Flonasing it for a a while and deep six the old inhalers.

She offered up a prednisone prescription, bless her heart. I love that stuff so much. It never fails to fix me totally. I don't need it this time. And, I have a supply on hand but she put a prescription for it in my My Chart so if I need more, I can get it myself. This is so nice. I have, in the past, had a hard time convincing doctors that it was prednisone time. Now I'm covered.

And the inhaler prescription has already been sent to Costco. So yeah! It's still going to be a while before I try another chlorine pool.

So tomorrow after my swim, I'm off to Dollar Tree - again - and this time I'm stopping at Popeye's, too and then I'll come home via Costco. It's a plan.

Dinner time here. Wish I had that Popeye's now!

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