Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Lunch of champions!


One of the people on my friends list a few days ago posted about an addiction to Diet Dr. Pepper. I, myself, am not addicted. I could quit any time. I could. Really. But why the heck would you want to????

When I first moved to Seattle. Early 1991. You could not buy it anywhere in town. I thought moving here might have been a huge mistake. Finally one day I was in Safeway and the manager was in his office and the door was open and I waltzed in and explained my dire circumstances.

He started special ordering it for me. By the case. He'd order, he'd call and tell me when it was in and I'd go pick it up. This went on for about a year. Then, one day, I went to pick it up and some yahoo stock boy had mistakenly put my case on the shelves and they sold out in a day. My manager friend, saw the light. And stocked it for real from then on.

Now you can always fine it on the shelves but usually only a lone six pack or 12 pack of cans. All stores are always out of the size I like. But, I know that they deliver to the Cash and Carry on Thursdays. So if I get there before Saturday, I can score a case usually before they run out.

I went today and got the second to last case. WHY or why does not everyone always make sure they have some on the shelves??? Oh well. I have my stash now all refilled. Whew.

And a nice fat poke bowl. Things are under control here!

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