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I sent the nurse practitioner in my lung doctor's office a message via My Chart on Wednesday. I said in the note that the crisis had past and I was just looking for information and possibly a prescription refill so there was no hurry. Even with the no hurry, I kind of expected a response by now. But, so far, nothing. When I saw her last, as we were leaving, she said "if you need anything, just call me or send a note in My Chart". hmmmmmm

I first signed up with my current financial adviser more than 20 years ago. He retired about 10 years ago and sold his business to Tyler. Tyler's been great. He's done a fabulous job with my money. About twice a year, he likes to get together face to face which I always think is silly but he's so nice, I always comply. And he checks in on the phone really more often than is necessary but I love that. Last December, I had a question and had a really hard time getting a hold of him. Finally I got his assistant who handled the situation perfectly and alluded to Tyler's tending to some kind of family issue. Perfectly understandable. But, now it's June, and I have not heard a peep. I don't need to particularly. And I can see my money on line any time I want. Plus his firm is with Ameriprise so I'm in no fear of a Bernie Madoff situation but still the silence is getting curiouser and curiouser

Two days ago I sent an email to an Amazon vendor requesting a return on a purchase that came incomplete. I heard nothing. Today I contacted Amazon and got the run around and now have to wait two more days before the next step.

Hey people! Quit ignoring me!! It's getting annoying.

In other news, I did not swim in my usual pool for three days in a row and consequently got abandoned, it seems. I had the whole pool to myself for most of my swim. Where are all the peops who used to swim with me?? There was one other swimmer. This woman who comes fairly regularly. She brings a lot of swim gear - paddle board, pull buoy, fins, water bottle. She sets them all up at the end of the lane and then she steps into the shower. None of this is particularly unusual. Lots of swimmers do this. But, most, unlike her, swim for more than 15 minutes. I've never paid close attention but I don't see how she has time to even use all that stuff in 15 minutes. Seems like a lot of effort for little reward to me. What evs.

Today I have one quick errand that requires the car. I think I'm going to make it happen just about lunch time and stop and pick up a poke bowl at the same time.


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