Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The new improved (well, really just different) Friendzy!

siobhan63 came up with this idea of finding new friends on Live Journal. Her thought was that the usual friendzies were asking questions that did not fit her own style and maybe others as well. I agreed totally and loved her concept. She gathered info from other people and put together this great list of introduction information. I agreed to host it but really, the work is hers.

It works the same way as all the others. In a comment below, copy the contents of the first box and then answer any or all of the questions you like. (Start your answer after the < /b >.) The point is to provide information that will attract new friends and give you more cool Live Journals to read.

[Edit: I had no idea LJ had a word limit for comments! Wow. So this list is probably too long. Sorry. I just cut the bottom of mine off and put it in a different comment.]

Copy the stuff in this box into your comment:

And then, why not share this handy link so that others can find this entry and, as they say, lather, rinse, repeat!

Just copy the contents of this box into an entry on your own journal! This one's just copy/paste/post.


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