Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fruit of the Dollar Tree

So letmesaythis sent me to the Dollar Tree in search of the Jimmy Dean breakfast sticks she talked about. While rooting through their freezer section, I also found a sausage and cheese biscuit. And then a peach pie. $1 each. I brought all home for inspection. Let Me Say This. When letmesaythis talks food, you should listen. YUM!

Peaches are not a staple around here and peach pie is rarely seen. So I was intrigued. At the grocery this morning, I got some of those little single serving vanilla ice creams.

I nuked the pie according to directions. I plopped the ice cream on top and gave it a go. Is it the best peach pie I've ever had? Nope. Is it yummy anyway? Yep. I liked the plate clean.

The breakfast sticks were good, too. And the sausage and cheese biscuit was surprisingly delightful. I usually make small egg things, muffins, quiche's burritos and having one with my coffee after my swim. Now I can stock the freezer with other options, too!

And peach pies. Yo, Dollar Tree... stock up, I'm coming your way on Saturday!

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