Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Good day

I had no problem at all when I was out doing errands. I walked a lot and had zero breathing issues. A few coughs here and there but nothing horrible. I declared myself cured.

I did send a note to the nurse practitioner in my lung doctor's office to tell her about the incident and get any advice she had and also to find out if the rescue inhalers I've been using are crap. One has an expiration date of 1/2017 and the other of 2/2018. I'm hoping she'll say they are fine because they are both nearly full and albuterol inhalers are pricey.

I found a nice jersey sheet at Goodwill. They are so good to sew with and this one is a color that will work well with several of my prints. Also I found a nice, flat metal tray that is 15" across.

I have to very wide big saute pans. One is more of a wok actually and I love them both but I sometimes need a cover for it and neither has a lid. I ordered a set of those flat silicon lids on Amazon. The description said it included a 14" one. Sadly, the package did not include a 14" one. I'll be getting my money back on that. But now I have a solution. This tray even has nice handles and will work perfectly.

Then on to the grocery store where wonder of wonder, miracles of miracles, I not only had a list, I remembered to look at it and... only bought what was on the list!! who am I????? I was very proud actually.

The house is all clean and smelling lovely. Everything is under control at the moment. Nice.

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