Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

baseball hangover

The housecleaner should be here in probably 30 minutes or so and then I'll head out for my usual get-out-of-the-house-while-she-cleans errands. I have four bags of stuff for Goodwill and a grocery list. I'd love to stay here and do nothing but I'd also love a clean house. Oh the sacrifice.

Last night was a nice outing. I did discover that I did not have my full breath back (I think it's pretty much back today - will test with errands). But I enjoyed dinner and the first few innings. The regulars who sit on my left were still in France and their friends who came instead were a couple who had been there before and were really nice and fun. The people in the seats owned by the casino on my right were an old guy - the gambler and his friend ('hey, you want to go to a Mariner game? Heck ya!'). They were great fun.

The game was good until midway through when it was great for a half inning when we took the lead and then tanked quickly when we lost again in double digits. The last two innings were excruciating. And while there were never very many people there to begin with, 80% of them had left and it was echo-y weird.

As usual, I took my mobility scooter to get there and back. Usually, coming home takes way longer because of crowds. It's the fart run. My nose ends up be a little above everyone's crotch as they walk along. And after sitting down for so long, there turn out to be a fair amount of olfactory gifts wafting my way as we slowly wind our way down the sidewalk.

But, last night, there were no crowds coming home. I was able to top speed it from the stadium to my front door. Sad.

I want this treadmill. I don't mind paying a lot of money for a treadmill. I feel like that's part of the incentive to use it but $850 seems like way too much incentive. Funny. If it were a computer or even a phone, I would probably not think twice. And, if I honestly, truly believed I'd spend 30 minutes a day on it, I'd bite the bullet and do it. But, of course, I do not want to shell out that kind of cash for a place to hang clothes. I really don't even have room for it.

Another, probably better option would be to join the gym across the street. Better in many ways. And $850 would pay for two years of membership.

If my lungs won't let me swim any more, that's probably the option. But, I'd way rather keep swimming. Second place would be a combo of swimming and treadmill.

(Yep, I could walk around the neighborhood and even walk up and down the hallway, but I know that's not happening on a regular basis. For one thing, weather.)

So far, just thoughts. Likely I'll go back to the pool tomorrow and resume my every day swim until the next probably pops up. But, I do think that swimming in other pools is out for a while. I'm not ready to risk more days of gasping for air.

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