Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I am now convinced that this morning's pool did me in. I don't know why this morning and not last time but it's affected me exactly the same as that other pool. Swam fine, got home fine, all's good until about an hour later. Then severe shortness of breath and ugly cough.

Today has not been nearly as bad as the last time I swam in that other pool but I'd bet that if I swam in today's pool tomorrow, it would be as bad or worse. Shit. Another pool off the list.

Dr. Lung says it's not the chlorine but the pool's general chemical makeup. But, both killer pools are chlorine and my everyday pool at the gym is not. I'm suspicious. The pool at the gym is treated with bromine.

Thank goodness I have the gym pool. I called a bit ago to ask about the pool status. And, as I guessed, they closed it. They said they were treating it and it was improving but they had no estimate on when it might open. It's ok. I think swimming tomorrow might not be a good idea anyway. And Wednesday's out because I have Mariner tickets on Tuesday and will be getting home late.

Hopefully by Thursday the pool and my lungs will be ready for action.

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