Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Split pea soup - not for swimming

On Saturday, the pool was kind of cloudy. Frank, the very excellent front desk guy Tuesday-Saturday, was on duty so I mentioned it to him on his way out. He said he would see that it was fixed. He also noted that the regular pool guy was leaving. Josh, the regular pool guy, has been great. We all hate to see him go.

I didn't see the pool yesterday but today the pool was nearly opaque and pea green. It was just gross. NFW was I swimming in that shit. Amanda was on the front desk. She'll get someone on it today. My guess is that they will close the pool and shock it back to life. At least I hope so.

So I basically had 3 choices. One was just come back home and skip another swim day. But, I have two pools that do morning swims.

The pool to the south is fabulous. Bright and clean and new-ish and about 15 minutes from where I was. It opened at 5:30. BUT, it's a bitch to get home from. By the time my swim is done, rush hour down there has already ramped up.

The pool to the north is old and dark and is full of not-that-friendly regulars and doesn't even open til 6. It's about 15 minutes from where I was and is easy to get home from.

I went north. And it was fine. I had to kill 30 minutes waiting for it to open but the water was clean and clear and wonderful and I only had two other people in my lane so it was really fine.

I do think next time, however, I'm going to try the one to south. Just to make sure I'm right about the horrible trip home. Both north and south pools cost me $$, however. The gym is free with my health insurance so there's that to consider, too.

I need to remember to call the gym tonight and check on pool status.

My brother's wife's car is back. It got back last night and clearly she had been on a trip. Mystery solved.

I'm having a little trouble breathing this morning. It started after the swim. Weird. Just sucked down some rescue inhaler and that seems to have helped a bunch so maybe it's just a one off attack. It does occur to me that it could be the pool I swam in. A couple of years ago, I swam in a pool that turned out to hate my lungs. But, I swam in this one a month or so ago and it was fine so hopefully that's not it.

I have no big plans today so I think I'll just let my lungs dictate the agenda. If they want to sit quietly, crochet and watch TV, then okdokey. It's really wonderful that I have that option.

Today is payday for old people (Medicare and pensions). So I'll go visit my bank account and make sure the coins arrived.


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