Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Not a wasted day at all!

I made a dress. Well, a swimsuit cover up to wear to the gym in the mornings. I have a box under my sewing table that holds Scraps Of Size. I learned a while back that keeping all scraps if the road to ruin. So now, I only keep pieces of fabric if they are at least 4 times the span of my hand.

Today, I pulled out those scraps and made a patchwork dress out of them. It's all knits - think t-shirt fabric. My only requirements are the it must be comfortable. It must cover me. It must be washable and it has to have pockets. Big ass pockets. Otherwise, I don't care. I wasn't going for style.

So I pulled out pieces one by one and sewed them together making the fabric and the dress as I went along. Punting all the way. I'm kind of tickled with the whackadoodle result. It was great fun to make as there was literally no way I could do it wrong.





And... I used up most all my scraps! Double score.

The Mariner game was on in the background. The announcer I am growing to hate more and more with every game was yapping away constantly as the Mariners were wracking up what I'd love to saw was one of their most spectacular losses. But at 13-3, it barely makes the list of spectacular losses this year. They are in the 9th inning now but I turned the sound off. I can't bear to listen to that jerkwad any more.

I think I'll watch last week's Project Runway.

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