Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I think I kneed documentation here

A week ago last Friday so that's May 24, I fell on my knee. I literally took a knee and hard. I was standing up and went to brace myself and help lift with my hand on the table and my hand missed and I slammed down on my knee.

Initially, I felt it up my spine and into my chest. It hurt. But the hurt didn't even last as long as the shock. My rib cage under my boobs hurt for several days but that cleared up. My knee, oddly, did not really hurt at all for a week. And then I started to feel it. Not horrible but I could tell something had gone amiss.

Then after two weeks, I accidentally hit it on something and ohmyfuckingod did that hurt. Hurt to the point of having to ice it down. I did it again yesterday.
There are places around the knee cap that are tender to the touch. But, as long as I don't bump into anything with it or try to kneel on it, it's fine.

Bending, sitting, standing, walking are all fine. But, it's so odd that it waited two weeks to really hurt.

If it gets worse and or falls off, now I will be able to just come to this entry and have all the history to explain to the befuddled doctors.

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